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Rebuilt, Reconditioned, and Used Equipment in Langley, BC

Are you in the market for a used air compressor? At Active Air Industries Ltd. in Langley, we carry a wide variety of used and rebuilt units at highly affordable prices. Manufacturers throughout the Lower Mainland turn to us for quality used air compressors as well as used vacuum pumps and other related equipment. Our team takes your business needs very seriously and provides units that fit your ideal specifications. We also make sure that every product is tested before being handed out to you. From buying a rebuilt compressor to providing guidance on the quality and type of products, we have got your back at every step. Get in touch right away if you have any queries on used equipment!

Is Buying Used Equipment Worthwhile?

Did you know that with proper maintenance, most compressors have a life expectancy of 20-25 years? Most manufacturers outgrow their need for the equipment long before then. When you factor in the depreciation — most of which occurs during the first 2-3 years of operation — you are in line to benefit from considerable cost savings. In addition to that, many operable units come onto the market as a result of downsizing, project completion, and plant closures.


If you want to see our catalogue to learn more about our products, click here.

Used Equipment

Devair, Model 447, Two-Stage Pump (10 and 15 HP Range)

Rebuilt c/w Flywheel, Filters and Delivery Tubes


5 HP Busch, Rotary Claw, Mink MM1102AV Vacuum Pump

575 Volt, 3 Phase Motor

79 CFM

28.4 HG


DV Model 447 Rebuilt Reciprocating, 2-Stage Air compressor Pump.

Rated for 10 or 15 HP


QUINCY – 25HP – Reciprocating Air Compressor

Rebuilt model 5120, 4-cylinder, 2-stage pump

Base mounted c/w belt guard

25HP, Toshiba 230/460-volt, 3-phase motor

97 CFM at 100 PSI

200 PSI maximum working pressure

Dual control – stop-start/constant run


New/Used Jenny Duplex, Model 2F12C-3UMC, HVAC Air Compressor

2 x ½ HP, 575-volt, 3-phase motors

2 pumps


All controls and starters

Mounted on the 30-gallon air receiver


Used Equipment in Langley

Get your production back on track with our dependable used equipment!

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