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Compressor Information by Trusted Experts

The staff at Active Air Industries Ltd. in Langley has assembled this resource to help solve some common compressor questions. Of course we're always happy to speak with you directly about any equipment questions you may have. Feel free to call us from Monday through Friday. We will also help you understand the basic terminologies regarding air compressors and other such products!




Cubic feet per minute
One horsepower will provide about 4 cubic feet of compressed air at 100 pounds per square inch—a 10 HP compressor will provide approximately 40 CFM.
Compressor ROM = motor pulley diameter X motor RPM compressor pulley diameter


Pounds per square inch

Proper Lubrications

Oil - Piston Compressors - Use a 30W non-detergent compressor oil.
Oil - Rotary Compressors - It is highly recommended that all rotary compressors use synthetic lubricants.

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